New Goals

The past few months have flown by. I am indeed at a new job I really enjoy. I’m grateful to be using my brain and my research skills on a daily basis. I have also found a way to fill my “other” time doing volunteer literacy tutoring. I get to do lesson planning (which I’ve always loved) and help someone learn a new language. It’s been quite fulfilling and very interesting work.

I thought I would write a bit about my goals for the new year. The overarching goals that affect each of my individual goals (below) include:

  • Act smart. I feel like far too often I am unfocused, or not present, or insecure, and so I rely on others to be smart for me. I want to act smart and to assume I’m smart. To make decisions singularly. To speak definitively. To believe in my knowledge.
  • Listen to my body. I generally am cued into my body, but I want to do even more close listening. I want to stretch more when I’m feeling stiff, to lie down and rest when my body hints at a nap (rather than when it’s screaming for relief), to eat foods that feel nuturing and healthy. To eat when it feels right to eat.
  • Be kind to myself. My goal is to be deeply understanding of myself. To give myself a break. To trust in my own hardworking nature such that I don’t beat myself up for taking a break or choosing not to do something. I should know by now I’m not lazy or unmotivated. I’m still driven and focused; only now I’m realizing the importance of taking it easy and not feeling like I have to do everything.

The rest of my goals are more specific:

  • Work out 3-4 days/week
  • Do calorie tracking most days of the week
  • Lose 10 pounds by June
  • Get rid of plantar fasciitis
  • Eat healthy (fruits and veggies every day, limited sugar, fat, and breads)
  • Continue literacy tutoring, and keep lesson plans and resources organized for future use
  • Attend Loudoun Literacy Council events
  • Take LLC online course on Adults with Learning Disabilities
  • Read fiction, and join or start a women’s book club (even if online, but preferably a community club)
  • Plan and take one fun, unusual trip this year
  • Go hiking locally
  • Have dinner dates with friends
  • Paint upstairs rooms; hang pictures
  • Become more knowledgeable about gardening, and stay involved in gardening planning

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